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EURONAILS is a luxury salon, which employs the best European techniques in Nail Industry and Beauty.


Our team consists of highly qualified nail technicians and aestheticians, who meet and exceed local training standards. 


EURONAILS was opened in February 2018 under ownership of Elena Maiorova, who is a professional nail artist with over 15 years experience in gel nail techniques and design.


Elena has international experience working with gel nails from St. Petersburg (Russia), Sydney (Australia) and now in Vancouver, BC. Within the past 5 years she has opened and managed nail salons and has also instructed workshops in gel nail modelling based on her own technique. 


In March of 2017 Elena participated in Canada Nail Cup Competition and won first places in four categories that she was registered in.

In November of 2019 Elena and Top Artist Yulia participated in Nailympia Canada Competition and brought home multiple awards including Best Nail Tech Canada and First Places in several categories. 


Presently Elena is focused on organizing training programs for new and professional nail techs. 

Part of our professional training for EURONAILS' Salon technicians includes an intensive program in Gel Nail and Combined / E-File manicure that was developed and instructed by Elena.

EURONAILS is always looking for talented Nail Artists to join our growing team.

For more information please visit HERE.

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